September 2011

Perhaps it’s time to simply report. PHI has finally managed to thread a few tiny roots into the Capetonian soil. Some orders have been placed and we’re starting an exciting and somewhat industrial styled range of Voigt pipes, tailored around a number of very promising drivers.

After an advertisement was placed for cabinet makers (our man is still in Johannesburg, and will probably remain there…) we were inundated with responses. These were interviewed and a short list was compiled. Unfortunately they seem to suffer equally from an endemic disease here; one we ourselves have been trying hard not to contract: terminal slowness. I suppose it takes some very special powers of will to be able to focus on work in such a beautiful and relaxed environment. Perhaps some small measure of this would seep into our products, rather than into our staff. (Basically: we’re still on the look-out for dependable, skilled and intelligent wood craftsmen – who care for a bit more than simply earning a salary).

That said, we have started distributing a range of imported amplifiers – mostly single-ended EL34 valve amplifiers. Of course custom designed amplifiers would be what just about anyone would prefer to have. Unfortunately not every music lover can afford these days to pay the price such a luxury entails. Rather than have budding audiophiles buy some generic assembly line opprobia, we thought we might as well tone down our high-mindedness a bit and give these individuals a chance to own an amplifier they could learn to love, even after they have upgraded to something they have dreamed of for long. Look at this page for more details:

Also in the starting blocks: we have realised it makes sense to offer some of our loudspeaker models as kits. Voigt pipes are rather bulky and shipping costs to remote counties (like the USA) can be prohibitive. At present it’s still only an idea and therefore not yet linked to our home page, but keep watching this link for updates:

Perhaps I should leave it at this for today, with perhaps a promise to report back soon.

Keep those disks spinning.


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2 Responses to September 2011

  1. brendon says:

    That little digital amp looks interesting. Only digital in and out?

  2. φphi says:

    USB or RCA in. Speaker or headphone out.

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