An Update

Just a quick update on the previous entry.

We have enlisted the services of a very accomplished company to attend to our carpentry needs. Very reasonably priced too. So much so we won’t be handing out any of their business cards…

That said, there seems to be a growing number of individuals hell-bent on obtaining the rare and the special without parting with any significant money. Most are quite happy to purchase a very able and beautifully styled set of loudspeakers at 50% under cost. (Which is about 25% of the price of vastly inferior popular brands of speakers, one might add. Let’s rather not start naming them – they’re well known, after all.) If we can find a way to supply these prospective clients without having the sheriff kick down the door, we’d really be in business!

Ironies aside, it seems we might have to set up an own little carpentry shop and route certain of our manufacturing processes via the “in house” drawer.

On which we will, in due course, report.


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