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My grandmother never married the man she loved. He was a married man, of Irish descent, and answered to the surname of Coen. The original Gaelic form of the surname Coen was O'Cadhain, from the word "cadhan", which means "wild goose". My grandfather, whom I never met, wasn't at all a loved man in my family. My father consequently adopted his mother's surname "van Zyl" and was sent off to an orphanage. When I was born, I was given the names Jacques Hendrik, which might have been James Henry if I had been Irish, or if my grandmother's love story had had a different ending. Which is a very long shot, of course.

An Update

Just a quick update on the previous entry. We have enlisted the services of a very accomplished company to attend to our carpentry needs. Very reasonably priced too. So much so we won’t be handing out any of their business … Continue reading

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September 2011

Perhaps it’s time to simply report. PHI has finally managed to thread a few tiny roots into the Capetonian soil. Some orders have been placed and we’re starting an exciting and somewhat industrial styled range of Voigt pipes, tailored around … Continue reading

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And this PHI thing?

I’m a newcomer to the blogosphere, and perhaps choose to remain such, well… until I’m not one any more. That being said, there is a bit of reporting, as it were, I’d like to do. On PHI, that is. PHI … Continue reading

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A rose, by any other name.

The Rise and Fall of the Lesser Load-Dependent Adaptive Power Bicore-Controlled Electromagnetic String Driver. La Monte Young would certainly have come up with a different name, but he might just as much have sat back and lit up for this … Continue reading

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Hello world!

This message was sent out to a number of wine farms and finally ended up on 2oceansvibe: As good a Hello World as any: Hi I’m 47 years old, a business owner/designer for the company PHI, have recently moved … Continue reading

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